Almost everyone dreamed of those abdominal muscles like those on the fitness posters and pictures I guess. And I say that everyone could have a good looking flat stomach to be proud of. However, not everyone may possess defined abs. So if you have decided to get yourself perfect killer abs then you should regularly do three things – low-fat diet, cardio exercises, and abdominal exercises.

All of us have abdominal muscles.

The reason that you don’t see them or they are weak is your fat. If you are seriously intended to develop your abs you’d better follow one of those low-fat diets that are so popular among women. Note that reducing the fat only on your stomach won’t help much. You should reduce the fat all over you along with carbohydrate intake.

No abdominal exercises will work unless you will not include a certain component of cardio vascular exercise in your regular ab workout. If it will be combined with a low-fat low carbohydrate diet – it will cut the fat away and show off the abdominal muscles to their best potential.

Now let’s talk about abdominal exercises.

Like all other muscles, abdominal one needs specific and difficult exercises to become flexible and good looking. Unlike most people think ab muscle is made up only from one, but not from many muscles. However, when training our abs we should separate abdominal exercises into lower and upper ones in order to build up specific areas.

To get you good abs I suggest the following abdominal exercises to be done every day.

You should do crunches, lying leg lifts and side crunches each five sets to failure, reverse crunches two sets to failure and pull up crunches three sets to failure. This should take about ten – twenty minutes at the end of the workout, but after your cardio. At first, you will probably find it quite hard to get through the whole program, but do not give up, keep on going and you will start to see and feel the results within three to five weeks.

Doing these three things (diet, cardio, and abdominal exercises) take into consideration the following hints.

Body fat burns quicker if you train your abs on the empty stomach (it starts to play a role of fuel instead of different carbohydrates). Perform cardiovascular warm up before the abdominal exercises. This will help you to get a better contraction on the abs. Flexing and stretching your abdominal muscles between sets helps to build needed abdominal definition.

Do not rest too much between the sets.

The time between exercises must be no longer than 1 minute. And of course, do not ever forget about your diet. It is considered the main factor in the future look of your abs. For example, even a small piece of chocolate can ruin the month work. Always remember that you need to have control over the calories to achieve the abs of your dreams.

Good luck and always keep those abdominal muscles burning during regular exercises.