When you are thinking about budget interior design, please do not think it has to look boring or cheap. With budget ideas, you can also have chic. It just means using a little imagination and creativity!

For example, let’s take your curtains in your living room. You are bored with them and want to replace them. But all the new ones you love are far too expensive for your budget.

What can you do to have the curtains of your dreams? Well, there are ways to have the curtains that would be perfect for your living room.

Go to your local thrift shops and see what they have. You will be pleasantly surprised what you can sometimes find.

It’s just being there at the right time. Maybe you could even leave your phone number with an idea of what you are looking for with the sizes. I am sure they would like to sell them as they come in rather than fill up space in their shop.

Visit a local fabric warehouse style store. They often have end of line rolls of fabric on offer and then if you are able, you can make your own curtains. If this is difficult for you, then they will probably have a service in the store or find a local curtain maker.

Go on line and check out fabric suppliers or discount curtain prices. There are some great deals to be had for budget interior design ideas.

If you are creative, look at your existing curtains and think about how you can change them. Maybe you could change how the are hung. For example, if they are on a track, you could sew a contrasting panel on the top and sides, sew on tabs and hang from a pole. Add some interesting tie-backs and hey presto, a brand new look!

One of my favorite ideas to give your windows a totally new look is to hang a plain fabric behind and then a dramatic voile in the front. This really softens the look of your room and is very different. I have many a friend who has seen this in my home, loved it and gone on to do the same in their home.

You can create a brand new look by having blinds at your windows with a soft fabric curtain at the sides. The choice of blinds is endless, vertical, roller, cane, wood or fabric.

If your existing curtains are plain in color, try stenciling them with a design. Maybe pick out a color that is in your room, such as on the walls or the color of your sofas. You have to use fabric stencil paints but these are easily available from local DIY and craft stores.