Do You Want to Build a Snowman? phonics
Students will classify phonics patterns. Teacher prep: provide word list and one page per student.

Spelling with Space Aliens
One Robot Don student reads a word, the group writes it on whiteboards. Correct students get a space token. The child with the most tokens wins. Teacher prep: provide game tokens, dry erase markers, and word list (or use word cards from centers 28 & 29).


Author Replacement
Midway through the weekly Microsoft words spell and grammar checker story (or any literature), students will write the last half of story. Teacher Prep: print one instruction page and provide lined paper.

Weird Science
Students will rewrite their weekly story (or any literature) with themselves as a major character. Teacher Prep: print one instruction page and provide paper.

Casting Characters
Students will compare character traits while writing a persuasive essay. Use with character trait list on pages 48 & 49.Teacher prep: print one instruction page and provide lined paper.

Vocabulary and Villains
Incorporate creative writing with new vocabulary acquisition. Students will use their vocabulary words in a narrative describing a problem and solution. Teacher prep: fold instruction page into a table tent, provide the lined paper or the Vocabulary and Villains writing worksheet.

Once Upon a Time 
Incorporate creative writing with weekly phonics patterns / spelling words. Students will create a fantasy narrative using their spelling words. Students will choose a character and setting listed on the instruction page. Teacher prep:Fold instruction page into a table tent, provide lined paper or the Once Upon a Time writing worksheet.

Tired of repeating the same old reminders about citations and plagiarism? Put students in the driver’s seat and hold them accountable for demonstrating responsibility with these stoplight plagiarism revision and editing stations for high school.

These stations use a simple metaphor, a stoplight, to help students think about plagiarism. At each station, students will identify their status as green, which means good to go!, yellow, which means they need to ask questions for clarification, or red, which means they have intentionally or unintentionally plagiarized and definitely need to revise or edit.