The purpose of the presentation is to explore abstracts and different kinds of abstracts and to provide you with the information you need to write really good abstracts so what is an abstract and abstract is a summary of a research article or a thesis or a conference presentation or any other kind of research related papers and the purpose of an abstract generally is to help someone to help a reader understand the papers purpose quickly so the the abstract provides a summary of a much larger paper or presentation and and the the summary is usually very short but it contains the major components of the paper there different kinds of abstracts and abstracts are written differently depending on the discipline that you’re in so you are going to need to adjust. Read more on abstracts and research onĀ Edusson.

What I’m saying to particular disciplines but what I’m hoping you’ll get from the presentation is that you’ll be able to analyze abstracts in your discipline and then adjust what you need for your particular situation so let’s look at some of the different different kinds or types of abstracts and we could call them genres so different abstracts on Rah’s so the dissertation abstract and I’m using dissertation and thesis I’m using them to represent the same document then you have article abstracts and what I mean by that is peer-reviewed journal articles or any kind of journal article it could even be a book chapter abstracts for calls for proposals which I’ll explain when I come to that and conference abstracts which I know Europe you are all interested in at this point in time okay.

So let’s look at dissertation abstracts I’m not going to go into that in too much detail here but dissertation abstracts are usually a little bit longer than abstracts for an article so there might be a page to page and a half and the point of the dissertation abstract is to summarize a thesis usually for examiner’s but for other readers after that and it’s usually read in conjunction with the thesis and the purpose of a dissertation abstract is to really emphasize the main arguments in the thesis article abstracts are are usually written once the paper is finished so once the papers been written then you would write the abstract these are usually very short there might be 200 to 300 words depending on the journal and they submitted with the paper to the journal editors and the key purpose is to summarize the article so that the abstract has always read in conjunction with the paper so the paper might be accepted even though an abstract is per usually in the review process you would be asked to revise the abstract but once the paper is published then the abstract serves to sell the articles to readers and by this I mean people scan abstracts when they’re looking for papers to read and they will make a judgement on whether or not to read the paper based on the abstract.