As you’re writing your body paragraph you already know what you’re going to say because you set it in the introduction and to or be the reader knows exactly what is coming so you’ll get your flow is much better for the reader so while youth are undoubtedly swayed by external influences I disagree that it is a government’s obligation to censor the entertainment industry so first the most important part here I disagree that it is the government’s obligation to censor there’s my opinion rather it is up to society itself to handle the matter why is it not the government because it’s society’s problem society should deal with it not the government now this is not telling you much of anything it’s telling you my opinion.

My general reason in the body I’m going to basically expand I’m going to develop both of these ideas I’ve already given a little hint of what’s coming they are undoubtedly swayed by external influences I mean many things control what you do and think remember in my plan and in my reasons no I said they can’t control everything the government can’t control everything there are many influences on young people now another thing you want to notice here I’m using some high end words suede for example is a high-end word sensor is a high-end word if you had in if you know it before I use propose instead of suggest I used inciting these are all high-end words now I know these words okay so I know how to use them if you’re not 100% sure of the word you’re about to use don’t use it better to have simple words and be correct in your delivery of your message then have big words and make a mistake and not be clear to the reader okay.

So now I’m going to show you both of the versions of the introduction the first one 67 words I would use that for my TOEFL and now here because again some teachers want you to have only two sentences here’s an example for the IELTS half the words almost half the words 36 you violence is a problem that many people blame on the media which they believe should be supervised by the government I disagree with this idea and believe instead that society itself should fix this problem am I saying anything different no I’m saying the exact same thing I’m saying it very short I’m going to spend more of my energy and more of my words in the body which way you want to go up to you if you want to do the first one for IELTS as well great make sure that you actually finish your essay in time otherwise it’s a bit pointless okay let’s move on to the body okay now you’re getting into your body you don’t need a transition for the opening body paragraph why because your introduction basically is the whole transition you’re introducing what this essay is going to be about the body you just dive right into your arguments.